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12 Days in Japan

12 Days in Japan

From the neon streetscapes of Tokyo, all the way down to the vibrant city of Hiroshima (with stops along the way at beautiful Kyoto and Nara), the Native Union team has done the hard work for you!

The Last Waves of Summer Packing Guide

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Summer isn't over yet. As the NATIVE UNION team here in Los Angeles is packing up for our final weekend adventures, we wanted to share our favorite brands that will help you balance work and play. Whether you are planning your final trip or just a quick weekend away, make sure you check out the essentials we won't leave town without!

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As connoisseurs of technology and design we have been awaiting the arrival of a luggage brand that keeps you charged on-the-go. Not only has Away made thoughtful luggage with unbreakable shells and built-in USB chargers but they have done so with a superior attention to design detail. We recommend plugging in our BELT Cable or BELT Cable XL to charge anywhere with your Away Carry-on.

Away The Carry-On in sand


We have a lot of love for Richer Poorer. This California brand makes innerwear i.e. socks, boxer briefs and clothing that you never want to take off. We believe in a minimalistic wardrobe when you are jet setting, comprised of the well-made Crew Pocket Tee and a few stand out socks like the Luau Sock. Any one of Richer Poorer’s tastefully colorful sock collections or well-made innerwear basics will have you believing in the brands dedication to design, color and utility.

Richer Poorer Crew Pocket Tee in White and Black, Luau Sock in Black and White

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Whether you are at the beach or poolside, the Slowtide brand has you covered with truly artful towels. This brand dyes fabrics, mixes paints, manipulates pixels and collaborates with artists to make a killer selection of inspiring beach essentials. We picked the Shallows cotton towel for pool play and the larger Gypsy blanket for the sands.

Slowtide Towels in Shallows and Gypsy


We were extremely impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of MYKITA eyewear. These carefully crafted lenses have innovative hinge systems and signature materials like metal, acetate and mylon. We weren’t surprised to find that MYKITA also designs truly inspiring shops around the world that re-appropriate ready-made objects as furniture. If you have a chance we recommend stopping by their shop and picking out a pair with one of their in-house optometrists.

MYKITA Macy in Powder Grey


This Is Ground is one of our brand besties here in LA. The TIG team designs beautifully hand made leather goods locally and celebrates our values of balancing work and play. Whether it was to grab the perfect photo or catch up on a few emails, the NATIVE UNION team carried their tech everywhere with them this summer and This Is Ground had everything we needed to protect our tech in style. Check out their Venture Back Pack for those day trip moments where you need all those just-in-case items.

This Is Ground Squints in Black, Venture in Charcoal, Tech Dopp Kit in French Grey

Shop CLIC Card and BELT Cable XL


On your next adventure don’t forget our NATIVE UNION travel favorites like the CLIC Card made from genuine leather. This case is designed with a convenient card slot so you never misplace your ID or room key again…we’ve all done it. Traveling variables are endless, but the BELT Cable XL is reinforced with a lifetime-limited warranty and is in it for the long haul. If you do find yourself in a tight spot, we swear by the SMART Charger featuring a very slim profile that fits just about anywhere you go.

Shop NATIVE UNION CLIC Card, BELT Cable XL and SMART Charger Set (Available in the US and Canada)


Bring your own hammock. This is a thing now that California brand Layback Co. has introduced, a stylishly compact nylon hammock that fits in your daypack. Layback is dedicated to freeing your mind in order to escape the mundane and find new happy places. Our team was certainly happy to find those freeing moments to just hang out this summer with Layback Co.

Layback Co. Las Olas Hammock


We went looking for a beautiful scarf that was versatile enough for travel. Something to keep you warm on the plane or covered by the ocean, and then there was OZMA . This local brand makes a 1930s inspired bandana hand-printed and dyed in Los Angeles. The hand-rolled hem follows traditional finishing techniques but it is made from a softer washed silk material.

OZMA 1930s Bandana in Soft White, Black and Sand


Whether running through airports or stumbling upon a bar in the middle of nowhere, you will probably need water and we recommend bringing your own. To keep you hydrated we chose Swell bottle for a variety of reasons. Swell bottles are made from high quality stainless steel with three layers of insulation and of course they are entirely re-usable. Swell also supports many charities that bring clean water back to communities around the world. This brand checks all of our boxes.

Swell Bottle in Blonde Wood and Titanium

Enjoy the last of your summer adventures and stay tuned for more stories from the team here at NATIVE UNION!

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